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New for 2009

Reading LINKThis year promises to be another fantastic year for KBS with new releases planned in English, Sports Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, Industrial Design, Home Economics and the Sciences. As well as new titles, we will be reworking and re-releasing some of our old favourites as part of our ongoing commitment to providing teachers with quality up-to-date materials. All of our popular Maths, Art, Sports Science, Music, Automotive Technology, Science and Geography videos are also now available in multi-region DVD format.

Barely a week goes by without the popular media breaking a new story on the literacy crisis in schools. Even if we ignore the media hype, the declining literacy level in schools and the associated follow on problems are a cause for major concern to all educators. There is no quick fix solution to this problem which can only be solved by the teaching of the necessary foundation skills needed to decode the written word.

Work is progressing on our groundbreaking Reading LINK literacy series developed by internationally respected literacy and learning researcher Dr Carol Christensen. Reading LINK - Decoding is a systematic and carefully structured approach to the development of higher levels of reading and spelling skills. Based on current scientific research and rigorously tested, this cutting edge program builds foundation skills in unlocking the code of written language.

Already adopted by many Australian schools, KBS and Dr Christensen are in the process of developing specific programs that reflect the regional differences in spoken English. Suitable for learners of all ages, Reading Link - Decoding ensures mastery of essential foundation skills through sequenced practice and performance monitoring. It provides students with a sequence of increasingly challenging tasks in which learners experience continuous success and develop a strong sense of themselves self as competent readers and writers.

Please visit our website regularly for updates on Reading LINK and other great releases from KBS.

KBS publishes dermatopathology book by Harvard Faculty

Cases in Dermatopathology is the result of a collaboration of the Dermatopathology Faculty of Harvard-Affiliated Hospitals in Boston including Beth Israel Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.

It presents in print and digital formats the 15 cases presented during the Slide Seminar on Adnexal Tumors at the Harvard Dermatopathology Update CME Course held in Boston on September 17, 2005.

CAPE Volumes 2-4 bundle offer

The whole CAPE series contains 300 cases made up of images of microscopic slides each with a diagnosis.

Difficult Pigmented Lesions special offer

Special limited offer: this four-colour book by Professor David Weedon covers a broad range of pigmented tumors of the skin, with an emphasis on those likely to create diagnostic and medicolegal problems for the general pathologist. Key diagnostic features will be emphasized, particularly for nevoid melanomas, desmoplastic melanomas, and Spitz nevi.

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Special half-price dentistry offer

Officially launched at the 31st Dental Congress by Derrick Setchell of the Eastman Dental Institute for Oral Health Sciences, University College, London, Preservation and Restoration of Tooth Structure can be purchased now for 75!

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