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About us

Knowledge Books and Software Ltd. was founded in 1987 publishing a range of education and training titles in the fields of education, dentistry, pathology and business education. Our mission is to innovate, deliver a quality product at a reasonable price, and make the customer the centre of our business.

Knowledge Books and SoftwareKnowledge Books and Software Ltd. has developed, co-published and produced more than 500 titles in either electronic, video or print format. The titles produced include a range of CD-ROM titles and other media formats including videos, manuals and books for marketing and distribution across education in primary, secondary and tertiary levels as well as dentistry, pathology and business training.

We have been developing content in specialist areas such as health sciences - dentistry and pathology. Dentil, launched in 2001, has had a steadily increasing subscriber base and content for the soon-to-be-released Volume 3 in 2005 increasing the number of publications to more than 35 titles. KBS has also published 22 books for the IAP's (International Academy of Pathology) International Congress in October 2004.

KBS is ISO:9001 2000 standards 3rd party accreditedA quality production system (ISO:9001 2000 standards 3rd party accredited by Standards Australia) has been developed which is integrated with the management system making the process of cost competitive development of electronic and print content a lot faster.

KBS's future is focussed on publishing high quality print and electronic media - there is a great need and we can cater to your requirements. We are interested in writers, co-publishing, joint ventures and repurposing.

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